Celebrating 5 Years of Business! A Message from Our Leadership

Sinars Slowikowski Tomaska was established on March 4, 2016 as a boutique toxic tort firm. Since opening their doors, SST has grown significantly and diversified its practice. While not every step has been easy, the expansion into new worlds has been worth the effort. Likewise, the addition of promising young talent to our established core of veteran leadership has engendered a sense of collaboration and growth. The most important thing we all have in common is understanding that “[g]reat things in business are never done by one person.” – Steve Jobs.

Founding Partner Doug Sinars: “One thing that has influenced our growth is that we look to hire attorneys that we see as potential future partners. Unlike traditional law firm models, our model recognizes attorneys for working as a team to do what is best for our clients and the firm. We invest in our employees because we want them to invest in the firm. We have grown quickly over the last 5 years and expect to expand to another market soon.”

Founding Partner Megan Slowikowski: “We stress customer service, from the staff to the attorney level. This is a relationship business where we give the same level of expertise and attentiveness to all of our clients, from family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Everyone knows they play an important role.”

Founding Partner Jim Tomaska: “Our associates get great opportunities to develop their litigation skills from day 1 because we recruit and hire litigators, whether their experience comes from the public or private sector. We are a relatively young firm, and we are here to stay.”

Thank you to our clients and our team who have made it all possible.