SST is a recognized and influential leader in asbestos personal injury litigation with decades of experience in asbestos litigation, frequently arguing in front of state, federal, appellate, and supreme courts. As a result, our attorneys have helped shape the defense of asbestos litigation in the United States. 

Our seasoned trial attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the complex science and medical issues involved in asbestos cases and the ability to simplify and explain these issues to a jury. We recognize that efficient preparation and favorable rulings early in the lifespan of a case can reduce not only settlement demands but can shorten cases and ultimately save time and money. However, when quick resolution is not possible, we aggressively defend cases by engaging in all areas of practice, including defending and taking depositions, motion practice, and, when necessary, taking cases to trial/verdict. 

We use state-of-the-art case management and discovery technology to streamline litigation and allow for defense of large-scale claims. With experience as local counsel as well as national coordinating counsel, we are uniquely positioned to develop creative, well-organized defense strategies and coordinate discovery with our network of experienced local counsel.

When necessary, SST also engages in comprehensive fact investigation to help us dispute the factual allegations unique to each case, whether that means viewing sites in person, conducting physical testing, or engaging in historical investigation in library archives. We also help counsel our clients about insurance coverage issues related to asbestos claims to help develop continued and optimized defense strategies.